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Welcome to “Health and Wellness for Women over 50”. I hope this will become your one-stop website as you move into your 50s and well beyond. I, myself, am well over a decade beyond that magic number and in spite of a bout with breast cancer in my early 50s, I am enjoying these gently aging years immensely. I want to share some of the journey with those of you beginning your transition into these rich and meaningful years…. and with those of you who have been on it for awhile. like me!

A Bit of my story

As with many of you in our age group, I was raised in a lovely rural setting on a farm with all the wonders of nature surrounding me. There was a lot of work to do which my siblings and I often turned into play, or games, and before we knew it the task was completed. We learned cooperative and relationship skills as our parents firmly coached us and we grew into greater responsibilities as age and maturity were appropriate. I observed the natural cycles of life and death, the changing of seasons, the eventual return to health from illness with awe and fascination.

In my early and mid-adulthood I spent several years living and serving with the, “poorest of the poor,” in a number of different countries. This left a life long impression on me and guided my career choices of nursing, and a Masters in Mental Health Counseling, It also left me with a deeply planted gratitude, optimism, and a belief in the human ability to transcend the most raw experiences life can bring us.

I have had a long-standing interest in health, wellness, and personal wholeness and have integrated my learnings into my own life patterns. Spirituality, my faith, meditation, reflection, journaling, and prayer are the practices that have anchored my inner life for many years.

Come join me on the Journey

Since my aging years are so deeply meaningful, enjoyable, and continuously enriching I want to share with and help other women have an equally rich journey into these years. I love how women seem to, “come into their own,” at certain junctures in life. My own most productive and congruent leadership abilities emerged in my 50s and beyond. I wish for all of us to age in a gently, deeply loving, and authentic way, so, come join me as we walk this part of our journey’s together.

Let’s do this together

On this website I hope to create a place of conversation, guidance, resources, and education as we find our way through this part of our journeys together. Without doubt there are hurdles to cross, just as there have been at other times in our lives. One difference in navigating them now in these years is that there is more familiarity with, “hurdles,” and we get another opportunity to scale them, building deeply resilient lives.

So, join me and invite your friends on the way forward and upward!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will be happy to respond to you as soon as I can. I will “listen” well to your comments.

All the best,



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